LT2 Ventures portfolio of incredible businesses

Through a customised support approach over the past two years, we have raised over $27,000,000 AUD for Valuations and Exits of over $280,000,000


Some of our success stories

Fount X
Little Tokyo Two Venture Team

Wearable technology, purpose designed for use in complex industrial environments. The technology behind fountx is developed by CSIRO, the Australian research organisation that brought WIFI to the world. Unlike many other wearable remote assistance technology or smart glasses, fountx lets you maintain the spatial awareness you need to perform complex tasks safely and to the highest quality standards. The systems near-eye display is there when you need it and out of the way when you don’t, so you can focus on getting the job done safely.

Builder Brokers
Little Tokyo Two Venture Team

Builder Brokers take the hard work out of introducing you to the right builder and can assist with everything build related. Whether it is your first home, minor or major renovation, custom home, investment property, townhouse/unit development, child care centre or commercial/shop fit-out Builder Brokers can assist.

Mizzie the Kangaroo
Little Tokyo Two Venture Team
One sunny Sunday morning in Brisbane, four Australian parents savoured a coffee and breakfast, while watching their then young babies. The bubs seemed to be desperately searching for something to chew on, to relieve their sore gums, while remaining entertained. And like a lightning bolt moment, the parents all agreed that there really was a need for something new in the market, something fun and educational, something more ‘Aussie’. And so Mizzie The Kangaroo teething toy was born, named after babies Madeline and Isabella, and her world and purpose has been growing ever since.
House Of Supplements, Jymlocker, Citizen Zeus
Little Tokyo Two Alumni

LT2 was able to support House of Supplements and Jymlocker's growth through introductions to advisors and emerging brands.

Alex took his business from $0-$1million + in just one year.

The Urban Developer
Little Tokyo Two Alumni
The Urban Developer was Little Tokyo Two's first ever member. TUD is now Australia’s largest, most engaged and fastest growing community of property and urban development professionals. 
Little Tokyo Two Alumni

Anna Guenther is the CEO and Founder of PledgeMe - New Zealand's' first ever Equity Crowdfunding platform.

Since starting Pledgeme Anna has now raised over $30million through her platform for startups.

She also runs multiple Unconferences, including Queensland's own, Crowdround.

Skate Krak
Little Tokyo Two Alumni
2017 - year in LT2 (from Feb. to Oct.)
Yearly revenue in USD =+200% = 275k
+ 250% = 5k monthly active users within our social app for skateboarders
Launched the very first box for Skateboarders worldwide and shipped it across 2 continents (North America + Europe)
Became the #1 social community for climbers online with 150k active users on the website
Accepted into Techstars Boulder
Little Tokyo Two Alumni

After winning a Shark Tank competition in 2015, Travelshoot has grown global momentum and the business now connects travelers with local photographers right across the world. 

Travelshoot has completed multiple capital raises.

56 Creations
Little Tokyo Two Alumni

Taj Pabari is the Founder of Australia's Largest Entrepreneurship School Workshop Provider, Fiftysix Creations. The social enterprise run workshops in schools and during school holidays teaching young people about the world of business, entrepreneurship and creativity. 

Fiftysix Creations and Partners is now affiliated with over 100 schools and together with partners, have impacted the lives over 100,000 students internationally.

Little Tokyo Two Venture Team

Scrunch has raised over $2million AUD and now runs the largest social influencer platform in the world.

LT2 has supported Scrunch with talent introductions, advisory and press. 

Scrunch is currently completing their second Capital Raise of $3,000,000 AUD with the support of LT2V.

Dynamics Group
Little Tokyo Two Venture Team
Ross and the Dynamics Group have been with us since the start of their endeavours. In two quick years Ross was able to build out an incredible team and successfully exit his venture to a much larger entity in the same space.
Cannabis Doctors Australia
Little Tokyo Two Venture Team

CDA had already secured their Medicinal Cannabis license for Australia and needed to take advantage of their established position within an ever-growing industry. In order to do so, CDA required  $4,000,000 AUD in funding to execute a National expansion strategy.

LT2V was able to support CDA with their business modelling and IM build and secured the total raise within two weeks.

Little Tokyo Two Venture Team

Brad and his team grew Citrus from 2-10 persons within 18 months of being at LT2.

We introduced Citrus to 3 developers that they hired and multiple business development introductions that they were able to turn into clients.

Citrus is now worth $40million AUD

Little Tokyo Two Alumni

Troocoo grew from 2-10 staff in a matter of 6 months through LT2's marketing, exposure and advisory network.

Troocoo was our fastest graduate ever.

Little Tokyo Two Venture Team

Ryan and his brother Alex have created the world's first organic lotion that keeps you at body temperature while in the snow.

LT2 has made investor introductions, distribution introductions and supported the team growth of Uthermic for 2 years.

LT2 Ventures have supported Uthermic to become the world's first body temperature control marketplace.

Little Tokyo Two Alumni

Since starting at Little Tokyo Two in 2015 they have:

Grown the team from 2 people to 14 FTE's

Been nominated for Lord Mayors Business Awards - ANZ High-growth startup

Picked up multiple enterprise level clients including Big 4 Bank, Government, Not for Profit, Infrastructure and Insurance

Raised $1million investment through the ACAC Innovation and QLD Government Business Development Fund

Little Tokyo Two Venture Team
MediRecords will be used by over 2,500 administrators and practice managers to provide billing and claiming services across all Medical Benefits Scheme (MBS) item codes excluding pathology for over 5,000 medical officers. Several HHSs will also fully utilise the MediRecords Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Scheduling modules developed to the latest eHealth standards.
Adopt & Embrace
Little Tokyo Two Venture Team

Through the support of Little Tokyo Two, Adopt and Embrace was able to grow and become the 2018 Microsoft Global Partner of the Year and is contributing to Brisbane’s reputation as a digital city.

The Good Beer Co
Little Tokyo Two Venture Team

A social enterprise beer company that gives 10% of the cost of every carton or keg of beer sold and 50% of profits to charity partners. The company works with Australian independent brewers and retailers to brew and sell beer while partnering with Australian charities to fund and raise awareness of their cause.

The Good Beer Co. have brewed and sold 3 social enterprise beers. The first one, Great Barrier Beer, raised funds for the Australian Marine Conservation Society. Their Love Beer supported the Australian Marriage Equality campaign and the Great Get Together Pale Ale raised funds for the Jo Cox Foundation in the UK.

Little Tokyo Two Venture Team

Replace Paper Capture Data Create Information. Increase Consistency. Innovative Approach. Reduce Cost.

LT2V was able to support the execution of a $500,000 AUD Capital Raise for Checkrite in 2 weeks.

Little Tokyo Two Venture Team

GoSave are digital piggy banks that make saving and chores fun.

Delivering Q1 2019. We helped Gosave raise $125k in 2 hours and with their applications for TechStars and Barclays Bank accelerators.

Little Tokyo Two Venture Team

Summer Clerks for all seasons.

Lawlancer was born to meet the changing landscape of law, by harnessing the power of technology and mobilising thousands of engaged but under-utilized freelance clerks currently studying law across the country.

Capital Raise opening 2019.

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