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Rapid Change Program

One day is all it takes to transform your operation.

The second stage of your business growth journey comes from measured management. This is the stage where most businesses lose sight of what is most important - your mission. Through an intensive full-day session, surrounded by other growth-stage business owners and facilitated by an experienced growth-stage business owner, you will learn how to:

  • Gain new, consistent and/or more customers
  • Improve overall operations, culture and efficiency
  • Reduce spend and increase margins across the board
Our businesses success rate is 164% higher than Australia's average and we specialise in helping founding teams grow to a scale ready stage as fast as possible with as little mistakes as possible.

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LT2 - The Capital

155 Queen St, Brisbane

23rd February, 2019 

Learn from world's most bleeding edge companies

Over the last 4 years, the team at Little Tokyo Two has had the pleasure of vetting, supporting and helping with the growth of over 2000 companies. During this time we have been able to see the good, the bad and the ugly in management, sales, process, marketing and hiring.

The Rapid Change Program is an adaptation of all the best techniques, tricks, hacks and styles that the global ecosystem has to provide and we are ready to pass them on to those that are truly committed to growth.

Not only will we teach you the techniques, we also provide all of the frameworks required to execute each of them as part of the program.

Kevin Straszburger, Co-Founder of Krak

Who Is The Rapid Change Program For?

The Rapid Change Program is specifically built for first-time managers and/or owners of stalling businesses.

  • Technology experience
  • Sales/marketing experience
  • Leadership/management experience
  • Just finished raising their seed round
  • Has already completed some form of startup program
With these specific needs:
  • Gaining more consistent customers
  • Improving overall operations and efficiency
  • Reducing spend across the board
  • Dramatically changing internal culture
I've just finished an Accelerator program, do I need your help?

The majority of Accelerator programs across the globe set you up with the foundations of validating and proving that there is a need for a specific customer segment. Once you have run through the $100,000* that you picked up in the Accelerator, you are going to need to either raise money again or actually let your sales do the talking - this is where we come in. Through the RCP we can not only help you grow your sales strengths, but we can also help you develop the management strategies to make sure you can deliver on what you sell.

I'm worried about the disruption in my industry
Experiment, Improve and Over-and-above.

That's all it takes to stay ahead.

Follow our management, innovation strategies and frameworks and we guarantee you can catch up or stay ahead of the competition.
Will this help me raise money?
At Little Tokyo Two, we have helped raise over $40,000,000 AUD for our members. Although our collaborative frameworks and strategies can't guarantee you will be able to raise money, we can certainly guarantee you will have a better chance of doing so.
I want to learn the business essentials

You're here because you've got a great idea and a drive to see it come to life. Becoming your own boss comes with a lot of nitty gritty work in starting up, managing and maintaining a business. From potential pitfalls to best places to invest your money, we give you guidance on all the essentials so you can sweat the small stuff less and focus on growing your idea. 

Hear from members

Kurt Parziani
Kurt Parziani
Founder, Strategy Lead at Assure Digital
"The RCP session provided great insight into the resources and key activities startup businesses need to consider in all areas of the early stages of business. Jock and his experience here really shined through, providing in-depth coverage as to the reason why these resources are essential to any business and the impact it makes further down the line when it comes to scaling the team and seeking funding."
Kurt Parziani
Founder, Strategy Lead at Assure Digital
Laurence Beraldo
Laurence Beraldo
General Manager at Fountx

“I recently had the good fortune of participating in a Rapid Business Essentials course facilitated by Jock Fairweather, CEO of Little Tokyo Two.  From lessons learned working in Corporate Enterprises to founding and running his own successful organisations, I gained invaluable insight into the techniques that Jock practices in business and in life. Jock was able to challenge my thinking and provide practical solutions to everyday problems we all face in business and life of which I have since implemented and observed the positive results. It was time well invested and I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to grow their personal toolkit.”

Laurence Beraldo
General Manager at Fountx
Geoff Boddington
Founder of MowAi
"The pace and flow was great and your ability to drill down on specific points/questions when someone needed that, made the day a winner for all of the attendees."
Geoff Boddington
Founder of MowAi

What does this program get you?

1 day intensive workshop
  • Learn the bleeding edge strategies from around the world in; Management, Process, Hiring, Sales and Marketing
Access to Brisbane’s best entrepreneurial community.
  • Join our vetted online community channel
  • Book sessions with our Advisors and find all the helping hands you need to continue your growth
To take Home
  • Management report template
  • Sales report template and scripts
  • Financial frameworks
  • Pitch desk, IM, Executive Summary templates
  • Team performance template
  • Position description template

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Meet your hosts

Jock Fairweather
Little Tokyo Two

Torn between playing sports professionally or designing women’s shoes, Jock Fairweather, aged just 17 and fresh out of high school, decided to pursue the road less travelled. Three years (and a finishing score higher than Jimmy Choo) later, Jock sold his company to a Swiss Luxury Conglomerate, moved back to Brisbane and created Little Tokyo Two.

Having now recently opened LT2’s fourth location in just two years, Jock has managed to kick more goals than Messi, something of which can be attributed to his life motto of ‘Burn the Boats.’

Jason Andrews
CoFounder at | CoFounder at Assurety | Chartered Accountant

With a decade of experience as a Corporate Advisor Accountant, Jason Andrews is your maestro for mergers, acquisitions and evaluations. Corporate match-making isn’t his only talent though. Jason is also the Co-Founder of two start-ups; a business analysis company called ‘Assurety Due Diligence’, and ‘Smartbooks Online’, an online bookkeeping service that we hope will rid the world of long-winded appointments at accounting offices.

Ryan Tattle
Co-Founder, President of Warmth at UThermic

Ryan’s career credits include being a Chief Officer on a luxury yacht (where he got to hang out with P Diddy) and Co-Founding U-thermic, a cold-screen lotion that protects you from the elements.

Ryan managed to successfully launch the company with his brother, Alex, after rigorously crowdfunding through Kickstarter and Indiegogo. In 2016 Ryan even launched his own online crowdfunding masterclass which, since inception, has had over 4,000 students enroll.

Andy Twomey
Managing Director at You & Co

A marketing geek through and through. Andy lives for evolving his understanding of why people buy products and services. An advocate for businesses to be more meaningful and less salesy, Andy will help you see a new side to marketing and selling your product or idea.

Founder and Managing Director of You & Co, one of Australia's fastest growing marketing agencies, you'll enjoy Andy's approach to marketing & building a team.


What to expect?

  • Facebook hacks
  • LinkedIn hacks
  • Instagram hacks
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales operations
  • Marketing operations
  • Hiring processes
  • Management
  • Understanding key metrics
  • Shooting fish in a barrel
  • Mastering the calendar
  • Basic documentation
  • Building presentations

9 am - 12 pm

A step-by-step guide through Management, Hiring, Process, Sales and Marketing strategies.

12 pm - 3 pm

Reviews and implementation strategies for your own company with these new templates.

What’s my investment?

Rapid Change Program Only

Full Day workshop and templates

Once off payment: $1990

Rapid Change Program + Membership

Workshop + Hot desk access for 6 months with fortnightly Goals & Accountability + Mentoring sessions

Once off payment: $1990


Fortnightly for 6 months: $160 

Companies we’ve worked with

FinTech Australia
Fintech AUS
Brisbane Marketing
Heritage Bank
Flight Centre
Buckham & Duffy
Full Circle

I want to know more

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Frequently Asked Questions

6 hours over 1 intense day - for only the most dedicated companies to growth.


Our Founder Jock Fairweather facilitates the majority of it and then brings in experts from each subject field to help out!


The program is completely practical. The content is from the actual experience of taking over 80 companies from the founding team to 20+ staff.

We will be running a Rapid Change Program every 2 months.

All companies are different and require constant experimentation and
iteration - the Rapid Change Program will be a great starting point.

Yes, we have our Grow program for those looking to raise Series A investment. Please inquire within.

Accountability sessions, mentorship, support from an amazing community and awesome contacts.

6 months minimum -  You can then decide if you would like to continue.

Unfortunately not yet, we’re working on it, so stay tuned!


No problem, the most important thing is that you are committed to growing.

No - you should have already started a company and be selling your service.
Put it this way, we spend $500/month on marketing for over $50,000 worth of recurring inquiries. Suddenly $1980 doesn't seem like much right?

Great! Now it’s time to perfect and advance your product or service.