Michael Eales

Michael Eales is a partner for Business Models Inc.—a management consultancy firm that's described as ‘not your traditional consultancy’. Graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor in Business, Banking, Finance and International Economics in 2002, as well as a Project Management certificate from Stanford University (yes, that one) Michael has worked in the business development industry for eight years now and is a valuable asset to our mentor team.


Ben Hamley

Ben’s a true strategy expert with an MBA in business strategy, and a truly impressive conspectus of job titles, Ben has donned quite the series of hats in the digital field including Project Manager for QUT’s Entertainment industries, Queensland Project Manager (Artology), Strategic Advisor for Josephmark and recently, Strategy Designer at Business Models Inc.


Holly Tattersall

Holly’s a true overachiever with a heart of gold. In 2013, Holly founded, ‘Women in Digital’ to provide a support network for women working in the digital space, something of which she had noticed was missing from the industry. As well as being a finalist for the QLD Young Achiever awards, Holly has a triple major degree in business management, human resources and Industrial relations and has amassed a plethora of knowledge in her ten years of being in the digital field.


Jordan Duffy

Jordan is the Co-founder and CEO of Buckham & Duffy, a tech based innovation and strategy consultancy that’s grown to 20 employees. Specializing in helping start-ups further their ideas and broadcast to the right market, he’s also a part of the Economic Development Board, Young IT Special Interest Group QLD.


Dr. Jane Thomason

As current CEO of Abt JTA for 14 years, and over 20 years of experience in the health field, Jane is as philanthropic as she is vivacious. With seven years of study under her belt, including community development, public health and a Doctorate in Philosophy, Jane has been a power player in establishing the growth of Apt JTA, a company she has been involved in her over 17 years in which she has amassed a wealth of knowledge, with a series of positions that are staggering in their quantity.


Ran Heimann

Highly praised by his peers as a ‘True Entrepreneur’ and a ‘Savvy Businessman’, he’s the Founder and CEO of Haystack and the Co-Founder of Schlix Ice Cream. With over 20 years of successful entrepreneurial experience in defence, satellite communications, mining, IT and ice cream.

jellaine dee.png

Jellaine Dee

Jellaine's the Founder of Cherry Blooms cosmetics, a multi-million dollar beauty brand, and is a true testament to the meaning of entrepreneur. Her background in marketing, account management and international business has allowed her to discover untapped market in the Australian beauty industry—bringing her international success and recognition.


Leon Fitzpatrick

Leon co-founded ‘Auxiliary Design School’, a feat attributed to his decade long knowledge of industrial design. A 14 week studio and workshop based program, cadets are taught the latest techniques and tools associated with strategic design and new product innovation, based on a structured design process. He’s your new go-to design guy if you need help finding your creative direction for your brand.


Annette Densham

Juggling a successful career with volunteer work and being a full time mum, Annette has worked in a series of publication and editorial positions for companies such as Y Magazine and Fairfax media, and even as the Chief PR Gene-ius for Publicity Genie. With her skills in the PR industry, she teaches clients how to build their public profiles to achieve success in marketing.


Tim Anderson

Tim is currently a part of the exclusive Innovation Labs team for the Suncorp Group. As a CX Designer, and member the Innovation Labs team, Tim is responsible for guiding the customer experience during Suncorp Lab projects, including customer service, advertising, brand, pricing and channel, making him extremely valuable to our mentor team.


Scott Acker

CTO at Nimble, Scott’s been working for the flexible loan company for eight years now. Strongly believing in creative freedom and less structured environments, Brad has successfully married his imagination and analytical observational skills, proving how different traits can be used to work harmoniously. With over twenty years’ involvement in the IT industry, Scott Acker is no doubt the man to see regarding all things tech.


Tara Jay Rimmer

Tara co-founded ‘The Van that Can’—a small furniture removal company that aimed to provide the best customer experience possible. With her personable approach, and ability to understand her clients, she’s been able to position her business ‘a breath of fresh air’ in a saturated market that doesn ‘t understand their clientele.


Brad Vinning

Brad is uniquely qualified for helping you gain traction and long-term growth for your startup. Graduating from QUT in 2001, Brad has spent the past fifteen years accumulating a vast series of skills and working on projects such as Red Eye Apps and the Fortescue Iron Bridge Joint venture. With 12 years in consulting for tech and startup companies of helping them through their initial growth stage, he knows what you need to do to be a successful entrepreneur.


Yohan Azlee

With well over ten years experience in accounts and management, Yohan’s skills and talents lay majorly in training new consultants. Having extensively travelled throughout Europe, Yohan has taken his experience in learning about cultural differences and diversity to apply a more holistic approach to his future endeavours.


Matthew Dunstan

Matthew–founder of the incubator ‘Rising Tide’–has utilised his 20+ years in marketing and management at places like Microsoft, and his 18 months sailing at sea to help leaders and entrepreneurs succeed in their own projects. As an incubator of social enterprise, he helps grow small and medium sized businesses, while taking it upon himself to mentor upcoming leaders and entrepreneurs.


Garet Griffin

As a Business Solutions Consultant for Artis Group, Garet’s an exceptional communicator and full of energy, bringing enthusiasm and dedication to whatever he’s undertaking. With over 30 years in software, marketing and strategy, Garet can be relied on to help your business grow.


Neil Davidson

Neil founded the industrial design school ‘Auxiliary Design’, which has been successfully running for almost two years now. Before Auxilliary Design, Neil was involved in a series of design companies, like Sunbeam, Innovan and CMD strategy, while winning over fifteen awards including the Dyson Award Finalist and making Finalist of the 2010 QANTAS SOYA Awards for his designs.


Katherine Anne Waldron

As an associate in the corporation department of Allen’s, an international law firm with offices throughout Australia and Asia, Allen’s has some of the world's largest ongoing client relationships and works with many of the world's leading organizations, including 75 of Australia's top 100 companies and is also on the corporate council of Caltex.


Brendt Sheen

Brendt founded his company ‘Code Heroes’ to help individuals and corporations create their own apps in 2012 where he developed a portfolio of highly successful apps on Android, IOS and Windows—including Pwint, an augmented reality app which allows uses to take photos and use overlay it into the real world. If you need interface and app development device, Brendts your guy.


David Smith

While directing his own company (Motize) and acting as Vice President for the Brisbane West Chamber of Commerce, (alongside 3 other notable position...) David has amassed a solid twenty years’ experience in the business and marketing industry with titles including Advisor, Operations & Market Manager helping startups grow with his extensive vault of business knowledge.