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Perfect for regional companies ready to scale nationally, scaling businesses and enterprise teams looking to commercialise. 


how it works 


Membership Breakdown

Looking to achieve $3,000,000 in revenue/capital raise?

If you've established a successful business and looking to scale worldwide, then this growth plan is perfect for you. 


the issues

  • Hiring
  • Understand Key Metrics
  • Building Effective Strategies
  • Opex Management
  • Governance

your needs

  • Advisory Board
  • Sales Teams
  • Distributed Workforces
  • First Big Hires
  • Future Strategy

How We Deliver


Member Benefits at a Glance

Members network

Over 700 companies and counting!



capital raise
Investment opportunities

We invest in selected post-revenue businesses in variety of industries.

Member Success Managers

Dedicated experts ready to help you.



Expert advisors

Connect with specialists who can solve any problem. 


Fortnightly accountability

We provide you with specific steps to take, the resources to reach your target and keep you accountable every fortnight. 


Talent Pool

A diverse talent pool of creatives, coders, CEOs and more.

best practice template
Best practice frameworks

Validated resources from over 2000+ businesses.

Bleeding-edge workshops

Exclusive member workshops from qualified experts in the field.




Thriving Events Scene

Free access to great social and professional events.

About us and our benefits

Gain access to more benefits like these


Meet Like-Minded Business Owners

Soak up insights from your neighbours – whether it’s learning design know-how from our online network, or rubbing shoulders with lawyers, accountants and consultants at one of our events. A new friend and collaborator is around every corner!



People like this:


Philip Di Bella

Founder - Dibella Coffee


Dr Jane Thomason
World Health Expert, Top 100 Women In Tech

Surround Yourself With Experts In The Industry


Looking for expert support? We’ll point you in the right direction! After years in the industry, we’ve worked with countless people and discovered the talented individuals you can trust with any project. Whether it’s agencies, consultants, mentors or freelancers, in all kinds of industries, we’ve got you covered.




Tap Into Local Talent For Support

We can all agree, there’s top talent all across Queensland – and we’ve done our best to meet with them all. Tap into our pool of vetted and nurtured talent, and you may even discover you next best collaboration.

Little Tokyo Two

Our members in focus

Kevin Straszburger - Co-founder of SkateKrak
James Grugeon - Founder of The Good Beer Co

Frequently asked questions

We simply reduced our charge for 'rented space' from the total price we currently charge. Our plans include everything a regular Little Tokyo Two membership does, except for desk space.You can still come to our social events and bleeding edge workshops!
Because of the network of alumni and advisors we have built over many years, together with the unique templates we are constantly refining, we are able to draw on the input of many different field experts and support networks to deliver the same value without it just being one person's job. 
That is what makes the new growth plans so great. You don't have to be near one of our sites at all - you could be anywhere! We use technology to bridge the distance so that you receive the same level of service wherever you are located.In saying that, it's best if you are within travelling distance to one of the sites because we host our bleeding-edge workshops and social events there.
Depending on the plan you selected, advisory sessions differ in length. Advisory sessions can be in person at one of our locations at your preferred time. If you are located off-site, we hold our advisory sessions over video streaming (Zoom, Skype for Business etc) so you can still receive the benefit of "face time".
We have CEO's of public and global corporations, global experts in niche fields and entrepreneur billionaires. Each growth plan will be allocated particular advisors that are perfect for where they are at and where they want to get to. 
Over the past 4 years, we have found that basically all businesses in the same revenue brackets (save a few niche industries) need the same type of help and suffer the same problems. By putting businesses into the revenue brackets, it allows us to provide customised volumes and types of support you need - it also gives both of us a global to reach at the end.
We offer an equity swap program for businesses that meet the entry criteria into our LT2 Ventures program. For more info on this, go to 
No. The industry fields and industries we operate in are very diverse. The 4 main categories are: product and goods, software and technology, service and platform!
We value diversity at Little Tokyo Two so prefer not to put any 'labels' on our members. We have a couple of members as young as 15 years old (yes, still in high school), and also have members who are over 70 years old! You're never too young or too old to start a new venture. 
We found the ideal frequency to support early-stage businesses is through fortnightly accountability sessions and advisor meetings/execution in the opposing weeks.Goals and accountability is a technique we use to check-in on your progress and provide you with specific advice and steps to take to execute your targets.
Over the last 4-5 years, we developed templates based on best practices we see in different industries and fields. We review these against findings and research of respected experts globally and continue to test them within the community. You can see more as part of our LT2 Labs facility.Empirical research is a way of gaining knowledge by means of direct and indirect observation or experience based on evidence.