It's simple: Find people you like, get to know them and do anything you can to help them reach their dreams.

Our goal is to inspire and support early stage ventures through their growth stage

Some of our successes:

Rachel Kerr
BDM LiveHire

Rach joined us as part of LiveHire where people privately connect with Live Talent Communities of the best employer brands. 

As both a Business Development manager and CTO, Rach has worked for large multi-national organisations and most recently a start-up for the last 15 years. 


Alex Muscat
Founder of House of Supplements,, Citizen Zeus & Muscat Media Creative

LT2 was able to support House of Supplements and Jymlocker's growth through introductions to advisors and emerging brands.

Alex took his business from $0-$1million + in just one year.

Adam Di Marco
Founder and CEO of the Urban Developer
The Urban Developer was Little Tokyo Two's first ever member. TUD is now Australia’s largest, most engaged and fastest growing community of property and urban development professionals. 
Anna Guenther
Chief Bubble Blower

Anna Guenther is the CEO and Founder of PledgeMe - New Zealand's' first ever Equity Crowdfunding platform.

Since starting Pledgeme Anna has now raised over $30million through her platform for startups.

She also runs multiple Unconferences, including Queensland's own, Crowdround.

Kevin Straszburger
2017 - year in LT2 (from Feb. to Oct.)
Yearly revenue in USD =+200% = 275k
+ 250% = 5k monthly active users within our social app for skateboarders
Launched the very first box for Skateboarders worldwide and shipped it across 2 continents (North America + Europe)
Became the #1 social community for climbers online with 150k active users on the website
Accepted into Techstars Boulder
Sarah Pearce
Founder of Travelshoot

Sarah is the founder of Travelshoot. After winning a Shark Tank competition in 2015, Travelshoot has grown global momentum and the business now connects travelers with local photographers right across the world. 

Edda Hamar
Founder of Undress Runways

In September 2016, Edda was named a UN Young Leader for the Sustainable Development Goals; 17 Young Leaders were selected from a pool of 18,000 applicants worldwide. 

Edda is the founder of Australia’s largest sustainable fashion runway show, Undress Runways which began in 2011. Exhibiting in Australian cities, the event engages 50,000+ people every year to celebrate forward-thinking fashion designers from around the world. 

Taj Pabari
CEO 56 Creations

Taj Pabari is the Founder of Australia's Largest Entrepreneurship School Workshop Provider, Fiftysix Creations. The social enterprise run workshops in schools and during school holidays teaching young people about the world of business, entrepreneurship and creativity. 

Fiftysix Creations and Partners is now affiliated with over 100 schools and together with partners, have impacted the lives over 100,000 students internationally.

Mandy Doon
Co-founder of CSNET

Mandy Doon is co-founder and Executive Director of Community Pty Ltd and of Community Link Australia Pty Ltd. Mandy is a NFP governance expert and lawyer, with over 25 years of experience working in and for human services organisations. Mandy and her husband Tim Gleeson co-founded CSnet to bring together innovative technology and good human services practice to solve complex social problems for social impact. Mandy led the process of certification of Community Pty Ltd as a B Corp, and is actively involved in promoting B Corps through its networks and partners.

Danielle Lewis
CEO & Co-Founder at Scrunch

Danielle has raised over $2million AUD and now runs the largest social influencer platform in the world.

LT2 has supported Scrunch with talent introductions, advisory and press. 

Brad Moran
Founder & CEO of the Citrus Ad Platform

Brad and his team grew Citrus from 2-10 persons within 18 months of being at LT2.

We introduced Citrus to 3 developers that they hired and multiple business development introductions that they were able to turn into clients.

Citrus is now worth $35 million AUD

Evan Shay
Founder of Disco Bistro Hospitality and CEO of Doughnut Time Australia

Evan is known as the 'Golden Child' of hospitality. He grew Doughnut Time from 1 shop to 30 in just 18 months of operation.

LT2 was able to support him with his marketing requirements and financial advisory.

Scott Horton
Director, Executive Search at troocoo

Scott was able to grow Troocoo from 2-10 staff in a matter of 6 months through LT2's marketing, exposure and advisory network.

Troocoo was our fastest graduate ever.

Ryan Tattle
Co-Founder & President of Warmth at U˚Thermic

Ryan and his brother Alex have created the world's first organic lotion that keeps you at body temperature while in the snow.

LT2 has made investor introductions, distribution introductions and supported the team growth of Uthermic for 2 years.

Warwick Walsh
CEO and cofounder

Since starting at Little Tokyo Two in 2015 they have:

Grown the team from 2 people to 14 FTE's

Been nominated for Lord Mayors Business Awards - ANZ High-growth startup

Picked up multiple enterprise level clients including Big 4 Bank, Government, Not for Profit, Infrustructure and Insurance

Raised $1million investment through the ACAC Innocationg and QLD Government Business Development Fund

Matthew Galetto
In April 2018, MediRecords partnered with Queensland Health to provide a Practice
Management Enterprise Solution (PMES) to 15 Hospital and Health Services (HHSs) across
MediRecords will be used by over 2,500 administrators and practice managers to provide billing
and claiming services across all Medical Benefits Scheme (MBS) item codes excluding
pathology for over 5,000 medical officers. Several HHSs will also fully utilise the MediRecords
Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Scheduling modules developed to the latest eHealth
Paul Woods
Founder of Adopt & Embrace

Paul is the Founder of Adopt and Embrace. Through the support of Little Tokyo Two, Adopt and Embrace was able to grow and become the 2018 Microsoft Global Partner of the Year and is contributing to Brisbane’s reputation as a digital city.

James Grugeon
The Good Beer Co.

James Grugeon is the Founder of The Good Beer Co., a social enterprise beer company that gives 10% of the cost of every carton or keg of beer sold and 50% of profits to charity partners. The company works with Australian independent brewers and retailers to brew and sell beer while partnering with Australian charities to fund and raise awareness of their cause.

The Good Beer Co. have brewed and sold 3 social enterprise beers. The first one, Great Barrier Beer, raised funds for the Australian Marine Conservation Society. Their Love Beer supported the Australian Marriage Equality campaign and the Great Get Together Pale Ale raised funds for the Jo Cox Foundation in the UK.

The business have built a 'movement for good beer' of customers willing to help promote their social enterprise, beer and the causes they supports. The Good Beer Co. crowdfunded presales of their first 2 beers and used social media and digital marketing to involve customers and early supporters in the branding and style of their first beers. They have also partnered with supermarkets to put Great Barrier Beer in more than 100 Queensland stores and with a major cruise line to put their beer onto its entire Australian ship fleet.

jho alzamora
Jho Alzamora
Founder and Managing Director of Viabrand

Little Tokyo Two was Jho Alzamora's first external office and community. Jho started with Little Tokyo Two as a one man band, finished with 8 staff and outgrew both our Spring Hill and Substation sites.

Little Tokyo Two Vygo
University Tutoring

Vygo started their journey with Little Tokyo Two after they were part of the QUT Hatch program (also designed by Little Tokyo Two). Vygo were with Little Tokyo Two until their $500,000 capital raise in which they became part of the RCLA accelerator.

words with heart Little Tokyo Two
Words with Heart

Words with Heart joined Little Tokyo Two were looking to expand their customer base. We were able to help Words with Heart close three major clients within the first 3 months of the plan.

Cas Mccullough Little Tokyo Two
Cas McCullough
Founder of Writally

Cas started with Little Tokyo Two before Writally ever existed. Little Tokyo Two was able to help Cas secure an accelerator place with BlueChilli

tilsta Little tokyo Two

Tilsta came to Little Tokyo Two looking to grow their team and expand their brand network. After 6 months, Tilsta had executed what they had planned and were able to move back to the US and begin their scale.

student horizons little tokyo two
Student Horizons

Student Horizons started with Little Tokyo Two and were able to out grow all of our offices in 12 months through advisory and introduction support

spare workspace little tokyo two
Spare Workspaces

Spare workspaces started at Little Tokyo Two and was able to outgrow our space within 9 months

rewardle little tokyo two

One of the founders of Rewardle, Tim, worked at Little Tokyo Two from the very early days and was part of our original Advisor programs. Rewardle ended up taking their company public and graduating from Little Tokyo Two.

Audeara Little Tokyo Two

The team from Audeara was one of the first 'underground' talents that we found at Little Tokyo Two. Audeara is now raising their second round to continue their American expansion.

mining leaders group little tokyo two
Mining Leaders Group

Mining Leaders Group started their global leading accelerator program development at Little Tokyo Two and with our previous experience and connections, we were able to grow their team and launch their first accelerator cohort successfully

luja consulting little tokyo two
Luja Consulting

Luja Consulting outgrew the largest office at the Capital in 12 months.

adelphi digital little tokyo two
Adelphi Digital

Adelphi digital built their biggest Australian team with us at the Capital and were successfully acquired in late 2018

dynamics group little tokyo two
Dynamics Group

Dynamics Group began at Little Tokyo Two and were able to grow a team and client base in 12 months. They were successfully acquired in early 2019.

com2 communications
Com2 Communications

Com2 Communications began at Little Tokyo Two and tripled in revenue and team size over 18 months. In 2019, they successfully graduated into their own offices.

moovement little tokyo two

MOOvement launched in Australia through Little Tokyo Two and have more than doubled in size over 6 months.


Medirecords doubled in size in 12 months and has successfully graduated from Little Tokyo Two.

ACA Projects
ACA Projects
ACA projects doubled their team and revenue while at Little Tokyo Two over 18 months and successfully graduated.

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