Launch Program

Launch - You only have one chance, take it.

In one day, we touch base on all of the essentials to launching a successful new business or product. Best suited to those looking to take the leap into running their own business, Launch has been the platform for TrademuttParking Deals Australia and more to launch successfully.

Our businesses success rate is 164% higher than Australia's average and we specialise in helping founding teams grow to a scale ready stage as fast as possible with as little mistakes as possible.

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LT2 - The Capital

155 Queen St, Brisbane

9 am - 5 pm

Saturday 6th April, 2019

Why start when you can launch?

Little Tokyo Two have teamed up with talented friends to bring you Brisbane's best business crash course. Launch is a hands-on one-day workshop for new and existing startups and small businesses. It has been designed from real life mistakes, hard knocks and some serious wins. Spare yourself the textbooks and theory based offerings and launch your idea or business with some secret sauce. If you’re looking to launch today, tomorrow or in a few months, now is the time to soak up essential know-how and surround yourself with a thriving community.

Launch, Little Tokyo Two and Friends

Who the launch program is for

The Launch program is perfect for those who are in the ideation phase of their business. This includes any combination of:

1. An idea
2. A new product launch
3. Previously completed a university, online or high school startup/ entrepreneurship program
4. Using their own, friends or family's money

We've got you covered with the learnings and support needed to bring your idea to life, whether you're just starting out or deep within the prototyping phase. The hands-on, practical and essential advice will ensure you dodge the most common mistakes businesses make and hit the ground running. Why start when you can launch!

I want to know how much my idea is going to cost

An enormous amount of capital goes into getting your idea up and running – and it can come as a surprise to discover how much money is actually involved in starting a business. We provide a broad community of mentors and a big pool of resources and knowledge, so you never get caught up in any hidden costs. Oh, and an added incentive? A membership at LT2 includes discounts on tax, accounting and legal services!

I want to know the next steps

Sometimes, you've got to risk it to get the biscuit! Starting any business involves a considerable amount of risk (with opportunity for great return), so being prepared for the hurdles to come is crucial. This program will help you spot the risks and disaster proof your company.

I want to prepare for the risks involved

The mark of a great product? It solves a problem AND provides a better solution than an existing product or service. In this stage of the Launch program, you'll secure market validation for your product or service – so you're prepared well to overcome any potential roadblocks. Our panel of mentors will assist you through answering all the curly questions and solidifying your business offerings!

I want to learn the business essentials

You're here because you've got a great idea and a drive to see it come to life. Becoming your own boss comes with a lot of nitty gritty work in starting up, managing and maintaining a business. From potential pitfalls to best places to invest your money, we give you guidance on all the essentials so you can sweat the small stuff less and focus on growing your idea. 

Hear from members

Rylan Kindness
Rylan Kindness
Founder & CEO of Parking Deals Australia
"The Launch Program helped me turn and idea into Australia's #1 Parking Discount Platform with several of the biggest global parking companies as partners. It provided me with the foundation for my mindset and is a decision that has truly changed my life."
Rylan Kindness
Founder & CEO of Parking Deals Australia
Sarah Riseley
Digital Marketing and Media, Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia
“I'm two weeks into the Launch Program and am really enjoying the team environment that Little Tokyo Two creates. Everyone I've met has been genuinely interested in my idea and eager to answer all my questions. I think having the two-day intensive workshop at the start of the course is a really great way to focus your attention for the coming 8 weeks.”
Sarah Riseley
Digital Marketing and Media, Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia
Mia Hickey
Founder of Estatespace
“By being held accountable and surrounded by like-minded and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, LT2’s Launch Program has been invaluable to the growth of Estatespace.”
Mia Hickey
Founder of Estatespace

What you will learn

Planning your business

First we'll focus on ensuring you have an idea with legs – in other words, does your idea solve a problem, answer a need or fulfil a want? Through the iteration process, you'll refine your work-in-progress and solify market fit. 

This module will cover:

  • How to validate your idea
  • Identify opportunity in the market 
  • Position your product or service to address real-world problems

Soak up the essentials on how to develop a prototype from scratch and device an actionable plan for bringing it to market. 

This module will cover:

  • Factors to keep in mind before jumping too quick into "the do"
  • Using versioning and iterative models
  • Creating an actionable business plan

So you've got a great product – how do you attract the right people? The heart of effective branding is in establishing a story, personality and communication style that resonates with your ideal audience.

This module will cover:

  • Identifying and understanding your ideal audience
  • The essentials of effective branding
  • How to craft a compelling brand story
  • Press releases and pitch mastery

Building your business

With a strong marketing plan in hand, your budding business is in the best position to turn your ideal audience into your favourite customers. Learn the tricks of the trade to help your business hit the ground running in the marketplace.  

This module covers:

  • How to create a go-to-market campaign targeting your ideal audience
  • Optimising your digital presence to generate more customers online
  • Harnessing an effective promotion strategy to make your efforts go the extra mile

Getting the finance side sorted is a big part of putting success in sight. We'll help you define and refine clear goals and get all of your ducks in a row. 

This module will cover:

  • Creating an actionable finance plan and model
  • Identifying revenue streams and measures of success
  • Mapping sustainable and growth-focused financial goals
  • How to budget, forecast and manage cashflow

Growing your business

We cover the essentials of building your team, to help you rally the right people around your vision. You'll learn all the HR and leadership essentials, to build your team from one to beyond. 

This module will cover:

  • Building an effective organisational structure
  • Developing best practice HR policies
  • How to inspire your employees to love what they do

A business is nothing without its customers. Learn how you can go above and beyond in providing next level customer service that can drive revenue through word of mouth and referrals.

This module covers:

  • The essentials to maintaining a great customer culture
  • Ensuring a high quality customer experience from visitor to brand advocate
  • How to turn customers into your most valuable sales team

What does this program get you

1-day intensive workshop
  • Accelerate your idea or concept to where you have everything you need for effective prototyping and selling sooner
8 weeks access to Brisbane’s best entrepreneurial community.
  • Grab a place to think and develop your idea amongst like-minded peers. You can bounce ideas and share 'me too' business moments with the best of Brisbane's business brains

  • Book a session with a mentor and find all the helping hands you need to hit the ground running
Midway follow up session
  • Are you reaching targets? If not, how can we help?
  • 1 to 1 accountability sessions on Saturdays
  • Meet, interact and obtain knowledge from special guest mentors
To take Home
  • Management report template
  • Sales report template
  • Financial frameworks
  • Finance handbook
  • Startup market research
  • Pitch deck
  • Startup analysis content
  • Financial statement template
  • Company principles example

Secure a spot

Meet your hosts

Ryan Tattle

Ryan’s career credits include being chief officer on a luxury yacht (where he got to hang out with P Diddy) and co-founding U-thermic, a coldscreen lotion that protects you from the elements.

Ryan managed to successfully launch the company with his brother, Alex, after rigorously crowdfunding through Kickstarter and Indiegogo. In 2016 Ryan even launched his own online crowdfunding masterclass which, since inception, has had over 4,000 students enroll.

Jason Andrew
Smartbooks Online

With a decade of experience as a corporate advisor accountant, Jason Andrews is your maestro for mergers, acquisitions and evaluations. Corporate matching-making isn’t his only talent though. Jason is also the co-founder of two start-ups; a business analysis company called ‘Assurety Due Diligence’, and ‘Smartbooks Online’, an online bookkeeping service that we hope will rid the world of long winded appointments at accounting offices.

Jock Fairweather
Little Tokyo Two

Torn between playing sports professionally or designing women’s shoes, Jock Fairweather, aged just 17 and fresh out of high school, decided to pursue the road less travelled. Three years (and a finishing score higher than Jimmy Choo) later, Jock sold his company to a Swiss Luxury Conglomerate, moved back to Brisbane and created Little Tokyo Two.

Having now recently opened LT2’s fourth location in just two years, Jock has managed to kick more goals than Messi, something of which can be attributed to his life motto of ‘Burn the Boats.’

Andy Twomey
You & Co

A marketing geek through and through. Andy lives for evolving his understanding of why people buy products and services. An advocate for businesses to be more meaningful and less salesy. Andy will help you see a new side to marketing and selling your product or idea.

Founder and Managing Director of You & Co, one of Australia's fastest growing marketing agencies, you'll enjoy Andy's approach to marketing & building a team. 


What’s my investment?

Launch only

One-day intensive workshop + 8 weekly accountability sessions

Once off payment: $990

Launch + Membership

One-day workshop + Hot desk access for 6 months with fortnightly ongoing Goals & Mentoring sessions

Once off payment: $990


Fortnightly for 6 months: $109

What to expect?

  • Introduction to the weekend
  • My life, lessons and mistakes with Jock Fairweather.
    A no holds barred, bullshit free reveal of all the trials and tribulations involved in starting a company.
  • Finding a real problem – what does your idea solve
    Supply and demand, it’s standard economics. Is your product viable, and if so, can you identify a market for it?
  • Hustle Hacks
    What it actually takes to make sales and do deals that are required to survive to thrive
  • Ideation session
    Consolidate problems, identify which are worth solving, create ideas around these problems.
  • Your company vision. What is your positioning in the market? 
    Vision goals and values of your company
  • Building a business model
    Learn how to describe, design, challenge, invent, and pivot your business idea
  • Validation
  • Validation execution
    Validating your consumers needs
  • Prototyping hardware
    Considerations, IP, prototyping, manufacturing, fundraising, access to markets
  • Prototyping software
    Processes, product development and risk assessment
  • Finance
    Budgeting and forecasting
  • PR
    Exposure and risk aversion
  • Marketing
    Social media and lead generation
  • Sales
    How to pitch & sell, what types of sales funnels exist and business development and model plans
  • Finishing lunch
8 weeks access to Brisbane’s best entrepreneurial community.
  • 8 x 1 to 1 goals and accountability sessions
  • Access to advisors to interact and obtain knowledge
  • Access to Little Tokyo Two's ground-breaking business resources and templates
  • Networking events and workshops

Companies we’ve worked with

FinTech Australia
Fintech AUS
Brisbane Marketing
Heritage Bank
Flight Centre
Buckham & Duffy
Full Circle

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a 1-day intensive program where we give you the tools and resources to develop your business over 8 weeks of membership with LT2.

Accountability sessions, mentorship, support from an amazing community and awesome contacts.

Our founder Jock facilitates the majority of it and then brings in experts from each subject field to help out!

Great! Now it’s time to perfect and tweak your product or service.

The program is completely practical, the content is from actual experience and the mentors are the best in the business.

We will be running a Launch Program every 2 months – so let us know and we’ll let you know.

We give you all of the advice. The starting up part is up to you!

Yes we have other Founder Programs coming soon and also the acceleration programs - ask us for more info!

8 weeks! You can then decide if you would like to continue.

No problem, we'll help you develop one and provide you with the fundamentals so you can apply them to whatever it is you do come up with!

Unfortunately not yet, we’re working on it, so stay tuned!

No problem, we hold weekly accountability and mentoring sessions that you are encouraged to attend.