Little Tokyo Two Growth-Back Guarantee

At Little Tokyo Two we are 100% behind the companies in our community.

Upon the commencement of your allocated growth-plan, we will have a one-on-one planning session to set key quarterly targets and both agree on quantifiable realistic targets.

If at any time during the Growth Plan, you feel like Little Tokyo Two isn't executing what was mutually agreed upon, we will stop charging you until we're back on track to reaching those goals.

Skin in the game is a big part of owning the startup journey, let's grow together.

*Allocated - It is important that members are put into the correct growth plan to suit their situation and aspirations. We cannot accept companies into growth plans that are outside of their revenue range or the correlated raise to where their company development is. Little Tokyo Two reserves the right to recommend you a growth plan, at the start of the six-month term, that is best suited to your current stage of business.

*Six month - All of our growth plans are six-month minimum terms. Based on our previous cohorts, if each party (you and Little Tokyo Two) execute what has been mutually agreed upon, it should take six months to progress into the next growth plan. At this time your fortnightly charge will reflect the upgraded plan's pricing structure (this does not apply to members in the LT2 Ventures program).

*Quantifiable – Little Tokyo Two wants to support both personal and professional goals, however the goals that can be truly measured are those that count. We are happy to support personal growth through our Advisory services, however, the core metrics that we will set expectations around will be the quantifiable targets mutually agreed upon.

*Realistic - Both you and Little Tokyo Two will agree upon realistic and quantifiable targets to be reached. Realistic for Little Tokyo Two means that our team can comfortably deliver what has been agreed within the timeframes of delivery set within during the Goal and Accountability session.

*Fortnightly check-in - A fortnightly accountability and review session between you and Little Tokyo Two. If a session is missed on the parties' behalf, the catch-up will be lost. If the session is missed by Little Tokyo Two, it will be reallocated as a catch-up on the next available date. 

*Mutually agreed - Both parties agree and sign-off on the targets set each quarter in the assigned Goal and Accountability document.

*Executing - Progressing the agreed tasks before each fortnightly check-in AND completing execution prior to the end of the quarter.

*Stop charging you until - If you identify at any time during your plan that Little Tokyo Two has not progressed their agreed upon tasks, a note will be made in the assigned Goal and Accountability document, and from that date payments will stop being deducted until the task is back in motion. 

Once the task is back in motion, payments will process again. Payment will resume on the following fortnight, subtracting each work-day from the bill processed and refunded via bank transfer.

If Little Tokyo Two is not back on track with executing the quarterly goals within 4 weeks, you may choose to end your allocated growth plan and continue with a desk-only plan at the applicable rate, or end both the allocated growth plan and desk subscription.

*Disagreement - If both you and Little Tokyo Two cannot agree on realistic and quantifiable goals then the six-month program will still continue. Little Tokyo Two will execute the amount of support allocated to the growth plan, however, will not be liable for cancellations or underperformance. 

*Continuation - Upon the six-month review of the growth plan, any party can terminate their membership with Little Tokyo Two with no penalty. If the company chooses to continue into the next growth plan, a six-month term will be reinstated. 

*Growth back guarantee for LT2 Ventures – LT2 Ventures will support hand-picked talent through their initial capital problems and knowledge deficits (with a range of professional and consulting services, and subsidised membership). Rather than immediate cash payment, LT2 Ventures will take a stake in the business (choosing from a number of different methods that suit the startup).