Getting Contractors Future Fit

Event Host: Helix Legal


Contractors are facing an ever-changing regulatory and commercial world.  At this training session we will give you the heads up on what is on the horizon and the gear to get you "future fit".

Technology is set to disrupt Australia's construction industry and those contractors who are ready will finish first.  Being "future fit" is about more than just amending your contracts to keep up with the changes in the law it's about reforming your practices so you are out in front, not just keeping pace.  

We will take a good look at how the changes introduced by BIFA are progressing and what you can expect when 1 July ticks over including:

  1. exactly what is going to change and how you can keep pace;
  2. how the changes will impact the commercial decisions you make;
  3. who in your business needs to be more alert; and
  4. the new equipment you need to last the distance.

We take a look at the big picture.  Not just the edges. 

Security of Payment is a special area of focus for the Helix team with offence and defence covered through the expertise of the man who helped write the book on BCIPA and was the former adjudciation registrar together with a team of solicitors with over a decade of runs on the board in this area. 

If you are keen for some pre-season training get started with Michael Chesterman's starter pack of reading:

As with all the events in our innovation series you will hear from the disruptors in the construction industry about new products and ideas for building a better industry.  If you or someone you know would like to be featured at our innovation events please get in touch.


August 13
3.00pm to 4:30pm

Level 2, 155 Queen Street, Brisbane

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