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August 24 9am to 12.30pm

Digital Marketing Essentials: Hustle with Heart

Level 2, 155 Queen Street, Brisbane


August 24


9am to 12.30pm


Level 2, 155 Queen Street, Brisbane

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How do people find your business online?

People expect more information from businesses than ever before. We want to Google you (and find you), and get to know your business in context of your broader digital presence.

We don’t just want to know what you sell, we want to know how your business is different, what you think about the problems your business solves, and how you can make people’s lives easier, simpler, more stylish or more productive.

As a business owner, how do you keep up the constant hustle without losing heart? How can you systematise, streamline and automate your marketing as much as possible, without losing your personable approach? What key areas of online marketing do you need to focus on, and – sing hallelujah! – what can you drop and stop worrying about?

Join me at this short-‘n’-sharp intensive course on the essential digital marketing skills, strategies and tactics to make your business stand out amid digital noise and clutter.


What we cover:

  • Website essentials. What platforms are best for ease-of-use and Google link love.
  • Essential SEO. Best practice skills to satisfy the Google gods and ensure your website ranks.
  • Lead generation. Making lead generation everyday.
  • Social media ninja skills. What platforms, when, how much is enough, and how to keep all social balls in the air, without looking like a wanker online.
  • Email essentials. Why email is still king for small businesses and how to get better at it.
  • Boundaries, self-care and terms & conditions. Your attitude & perspective is your biggest business asset – here’s how to protect it.


Price and More Info:

Cost: $79 + GST
Full Detailshttps://www.hustleandheart.com.au/marketing-course/