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TBC 8:30am - 4:30pm each day

Brisbane Blockchain Intensive for Developers

Level 4/155 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000




8:30am - 4:30pm each day


Level 4/155 Queen St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

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LT2 Members - $2,500. Non Members - $3,500



Learn all about Blockchain from global experts

Finally, a blockchain technology intensive designed for developers, by developers!

Blockchain is taking the world by storm, with more and more uses being discovered every day. If you're looking to harness all things blockchain technology development into actionable businesses use then this crashcourse is for you.

Little Tokyo Two is partnering with the Blockchain Learning Group Inc. (BLG) and training groups to bring you an immersive end-to-end 4-day intensive in DApp development!


Day 1:
What is Blockchain? Blockchain theory and fundamentals, followed by a detailed look under the hood and an in-depth exploration of use cases, implications and active projects.

Day 2:
Introduction to DApp Development: Smart contracts explained.  Explore state-of-the-art DApp development and blockchain tools and effectively create, test, deploy, & interact with several solidity smart contracts within a DApp.

Day 3:
Smart Contract Development: The finer details of Ethereum and smart contracts. Ethereum key considerations as well as best practises and common development patterns.

Day 4:
Advanced Solidity and Full-Stack Development: Putting it all together, ultimately completing a real life development project and final examination.


If you're ready to turn your blockchain coding dreams into reality in just 4 days, then make sure you secure your spot - seats are limited!



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The Blockchain Learning Group Inc. (BLG) has developed the most comprehensive, hands-on blockchain technology training course targeted at developers who have either no experience in developing blockchain-based decentralized solutions, or, may have some experience but want to get more in-depth training.




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Murtaza Tawawala
Blockchain Learning Group Inc.


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Adam Lemmon
VP of Training & Operations
Blockchain Learning Group Inc.



Do participants in the BLG course require previous general development experience?

While the course is primarily targeted at participants that have general past software application development experience, as these people will realize the most benefits and have the required foundation to fully absorb the learnings, it is not an absolute prerequisite. That said, should the participant have zero software development experience, they should at a minimum be inclined to the underpinning tenets of developing (i.e. be highly analytical, have some exposure to programming, etc.)


Is there any pre-work to be completed prior to the 4-day course?

There are a few packages that are advised to be installed beforehand to optimize the classroom time.  A document will be provided with links and install steps to do so prior to the course’s start date. 


Who teaches the course...what are their qualifications?

The course will be trained in-person by a BLG employed trainer. Each of the BLG trainers have extensive experience with Blockchain technologies, with a core focus of Ethereum powered decentralized application development. Additionally, their trainers have real world experience working with live Ethereum networks


What software language is utilized in this training?

JavaScript, solidity and python. The core application development will be done in JavaScript.  Smart contracts written in solidity and some scripting and examples along the way done in python.


What makes this course different than the other resources available?

This is by far the most comprehensive course in the market and is created by, and catered to, developers. In fact, it was created over the course of a year as a result of direct feedback from developers who were trying to understand decentralized applications but were frustrated by the lack of training resources available. As a result, the finished course perfectly resonates with how developers want to learn blockchain technology, within the most meaningful flow of information sharing possible for such a complex technology to teach (i.e. many moving parts, so it is important for the teachers of this to have the right mix of topics to ultimately provide the holistic outcome the developers want from this course).

The modules have been constructed in a manner that provides the right mix of theoretical and practical, without sacrificing any of the key table-stake elements that developers need to properly understand. This is truly what separates this course from the rest….it is not about just throwing out “how to code in blockchain” but takes the participant on a journey to build out a solution while learning the fundamentals!

It also strikes the right balance of time commitment - 4 days and provides post training support and ongoing community-based mentorship and sharing platform so that the developers can continually enhance their skill set and start to increase their profile.


Do the participants need to bring any materials or paperwork to the sessions?

The only thing the participants need to bring to the course is a positive, ‘hungry to learn’ attitude and of course their own laptop (guidelines on specs of their laptop requirements: 4GB RAM minimum, Ubuntu / Mac OS preferred).