LT2 Digital Membership

Grow from wherever you are

A month-to-month online membership that grants you:

Access to our accelerator program frameworks, talent pool, an unreal online community, benefit partner discounts and a consultation call with our exclusive advisory committee.

Only $49 per fortnight

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to sign up for?
The digital membership is a 3-month initial contract and then month-to-month following on.

How do I get charged?
We will take you through our culture code and on-boarding process and then ask you to sign a Hellosign online document to begin a fortnightly Direct Debit process.

What kind of advisors are available?
We currently have 48 Advisors available for calls and document reviews see the full list here.

How do I connect with the online community? 
As soon as you are onboard - we will send you an invitation to our chat platform that has general and specific channels, as-well-as direct messaging.

Am I the right fit for the digital membership?
Digital memberships are perfect for those that are located regionally or working on a side-hustle. The digital membership gives you all of the same value that the other LT2 memberships provide, without the physical access.

Do I need to sign up for the culture code too?
Yes, you certainly do!

Can I still come to events?
Yes, of course you can!

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