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Why Accelerators Are Flawed

Applying for an accelerator program is a major decision for any company in its early years.


Pros and Cons of Startup Pitching

So, you think you have a great idea for a business. You review it with your family and friends who agree that the idea is worth pursuing.


Worst Case Scenario Company Building

So you have a revenue target to hit this quarter and you are trying to figure out how to crush it. But what if it doesn’t all go according to plan?


Startup Management – Utilising Your Visual Management Board

Whether you're a first-time founder running an e-commerce business or a manager running the marketing department of a SaaS company, having transparency within your team is crucial for success


4 Tips to Find Your Flow

Have you at any point been chipping away at something, and you get so "in the zone" that hours passed by without you noticing? 


What is a Convertible Loan Agreement?

In a company's early days the thought at the forefront of all founder's minds is investment. 

The New Home For Growth Officially Opens

The long awaited Gold Coast Innovation Hub officially opens to give an exciting boost to the startup and small business sector on the Gold Coast. Good things don't come easily - and this seems to be the story with finding the physical site that can c...

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5 Graphic Design Hacks For Small Business Owners

Did you know that human beings are more likely to remember images than text? The human brain naturally responds to visuals. We've been noticing the images around us ever since we were newborns. With that in mind, it's easy to see why graphic design i...


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