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What is a Convertible Loan Agreement?

In a company's early days the thought at the forefront of all founder's minds is investment. 

The New Home For Growth Officially Opens

The long awaited Gold Coast Innovation Hub officially opens to give an exciting boost to the startup and small business sector on the Gold Coast. Good things don't come easily - and this seems to be the story with finding the physical site that can c...

graphic design, Marketing, Business 101, Digital

5 Graphic Design Hacks For Small Business Owners

Did you know that human beings are more likely to remember images than text? The human brain naturally responds to visuals. We've been noticing the images around us ever since we were newborns. With that in mind, it's easy to see why graphic design i...

Business 101, Essentials, Sales

How To Get Your First Client As A Service-Based Business

Lean business plan? Check. The right team to support you? Check. Some modest capital? Well, hopefully. With everything in place to launch your new business onto the market, there's only one thing missing: your clients.

investment, Growth, Essentials, Business Growth, Business 101, People

Ensuring Your Best Chances To Win

With the Lord Mayor's Business Awards coming up, I thought it would be great to give a few insights to help give business owners the best possible chance of winning. Although this might be specific to applicants for the Lord Mayor's Business Awards, ...

investment, Growth, Essentials, Business Growth, Business 101, People

How to Raise Capital for Your Business

Investors consider many factors when evaluating a startup.  However, what makes them 'sign on the dotted line' falls into one of three categories: they believe in you (ethos), they believe in the idea/concept (pathos) or they believe in the process (...

Growth, Essentials, Sustainability, Business 101, People, Business Growth, Personal Development

5 Rules to Scale your Business

As business owners, there is always that one question that we ask ourselves. How do you scale a business? In this case study, we take a look at Janelle Kerrisk, Founder and Director of Helix Legal, to identify some tips and tricks on how she was able...

Growth, Essentials, Finance, Sustainability, Business 101

Chasing Debts – What Are My Options?

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any small business and slow paying debtors are a common frustration that causes undue stress. This is something I see all the time and it is the low hanging fruit of improving your business cash flow. Just takes a little...

Business Growth, Growth, Sales, culture, recruitment, psychology

Coworking Spaces - More than Hackers and Startups

Those of us who are in a small business can attest to its many wonderful attributes, including autonomy, responsibility, flexibility, a sense of ownership and purpose, amongst others. For me, undoubtedly, one of the biggest challenges has been loneli...


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