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Business Growth, Sales, Growth, culture, recruitment

Hire for Potential, Train for Skill

Written by Amy Chow, Community manager and HR extraordinaire. 

Business Growth, Sales, Growth, culture, recruitment, investment

Raising money for a startup

What you need to know when raising money from High Net Worths (after self, friends and family BUT before VC firms)

Business Growth, Sales, Growth, culture, recruitment

Hire for Cultural Contribution

Before you read a Buzzfeed article on "Hiring for Cultural Fit" or "Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast" and then go out and hiring a bunch of doppelganger's - read this.

Business Growth, Sales, Growth

Launching a new product

Before you commit to building out a new product or starting a new company, follow these steps and launch a new product with the least possible risk and the most possible customer (pre)involvement.

Business Growth, Sales, Growth

How to start 101

There are three major things that need to be mapped out to be able to create a legitimate hypothesis around a potential business that would be viable.

Business Growth, Sales, Growth

Comparing career paths

If you are working for someone else this article will give you a kick in the ass to re-evaluate, if you work for yourself it will give you the confidence to keep going and if you are finishing school - it will be a reality check. I’ll be describing t...

Business Growth, Sales, Growth

Why you should risk losing your job.

We have all seen the comparisons between people who finished school and took the path known versus those that don't. For example: Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk etc. etc. etc. But what does it actually mean to give up the career you have been...

Business Growth, Sales, Growth

Keep it simple please!

We've all been here - how do we improve our sales? How do we attract more customers? How do we create better customer service? How do we? Ah! Now we have to add another sales person! We have to re-design our website! We have to say good morning and b...

Business Growth, Sales, Growth

The 10 best business reads of 2017

Reading is one of the most integral parts of becoming an innovative, high-growth business. Reading gives you insights, validates idea’s, provokes thoughts and most of all makes you sound smart. In 2017, I read 186 books and below are the most impactf...


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