Blockchain Quantum Impact

The New Digital Frontier

We live in a time of unprecedented digital transformation, disruptive forces are changing our world and fast! Blockchain and other technologies are giving us tools to collaborate on a global scale, in a way never previously possible we can now reach out across sectors and geographies and build huge innovation communities to solve big and small problems. We can now embrace not just cross-industry collaboration, but pan-global collaboration. We can help you understand and navigate the rapidly changing digital world. 

What we can do for you;

Strategic advice, assessment, digital strategy and corporate advisory on blockchain and frontier technologies.

Mentoring and Advisory

Start-up and ICO mentoring and advisory.

Training and Hackathons

Introduction to blockchain and what does it mean for your business. Planning a Hackathon to discover a solution to your problem? We can tailor programs according to your specifications.

Talent Search

Looking for advisers, team members and developers? We can help you find them.

BQI Meetups

High-quality monthly meet-ups, Q+A and sponsored events at our Head Quarters The Capital



Quantum Impact Awards

 For the first time in human history, we have the technological tools that will enable us to connect the bottom billion unbanked to the global economy, to provide digital identity to stateless direct benefits to women and girls. In this Decade Of Women, we must harness these digital tools and our collective ambition to create a connected and distributed token economy to transform lives of women and girls across the globe and achieve Quantum Impact.

— Dr. Jane Thomason

Your New CEO - Dr Jane Thomason

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