Blockchain Quantum Impact

The New Digital Frontier

We live in a time of unprecedented digital transformation; disruptive forces are changing
our world and fast! Blockchain and other frontier technologies provide the tools with which
collaborate on a global scale, in a way never previously possible. We can now reach out
across sectors and geographies and build huge innovation communities to solve problems of
all sizes, big and small. We can now embrace not just cross-industry collaboration, but pan-
global collaboration.

For the first time in human history, we have the technological tools that will enable us to
connect the bottom billion unbanked to the global economy; to provide digital identity to
stateless direct benefits to women and girls. In this Decade Of Women, we must
harness these digital tools and our collective ambition to create a connected and distributed
token economy to transform lives of women and girls across the globe and achieve Quantum

Blockchain Quantum Impact was founded to increase the pace with which new technologies
are used to create social impact, with a focus on emerging markets.


Dr. Jane Thomason (CEO and Founder)

Dr Jane is the founder of Blockchain Quantum Impact and a global thought leader in blockchain and frontier technologies for social impact.

She leverages her deep networks in international development, public health, global partnerships, research, philanthropy and entrepreneurship to educate, inspire and connect people globally on how blockchain and frontier technologies can transform emerging economies and improve the lives of the poor and disadvantaged.

Jane’s mission is to increase the flow of global capital to transformative technologies for emerging economies, to make sure this capital is used in ways that will generate the most impact, and to ensure that it reaches the entrepreneurs and innovators who need it in the most efficient way possible. To do this, she works at a global level, connecting networks, building the eco-system to forge large collaborations and partnerships to achieve the promise of these rapidly emerging technologies.

Jane has more than 30 years working in emerging economies, with Governments, ADB, World Bank, WHO, USAID and DFAT. She successfully started her own international development management consultancy, which merged with Abt Associates in 2013. She remained for 4 years to scale that business and exited in March 2018 to pursue her mission to accelerate the uptake of frontier technologies to address global challenges. She is one of a new breed of Global Nomads (Glomads). 

Nichola Cooper (Senior Research Analyst)

Nichola has been researching technology since the day she first disassembled a computer to find out how it worked. Since those young days she has gone on to become an academic researcher interested in how frontier technologies influence how we engage with the world. Her particular research field is trust. Nichola believes that trust is fundamental to how human and computational systems alike negotiate their interactions and it will only become more important over the coming decades with further advancements in technology. Nichola is particularly proud to work with blockchains especially, for the potential they hold for decreasing structural inequalities on a global scale.

What we do:
  • Policy Papers and Analytic Work on Technology and Social Impact
  • Research and Analysis on Digital Transformation
  • Digital Transformation for the Health Sector
  • Technology and Social Impact Advocacy
  • Start-Up Mentoring and Advisory
  • Social Impact Hackathons
  • Inspirational Speaking
  • Support For Female Founders

How we do it:

Technology is rapidly changing today’s business context. With an ever-increasing pressure on agility, efficiency and impact, established solutions are not the most efficient method for current business paradigms. That’s why BQI we have a unique quantum social impact methodology that ensures we have results at the heart of everything we do. Our solutions are optimally suited for organisations confronted with ensuring the best use of resources in new operating environments. Today’s business environment requires businesses to be agile, resourceful, responsive and impactful, yet the pace of change technology sets can challenge established strategies. Looking forward into a dynamic, digital future can feel intimidating when designing new ways of working.

blockchain quantum impact

At BQI, our Quantum Impact Ecosystem not only ensures your business delivers maximum impact, sustainably, but our expert consultants support you and your team through the process of design to implementation.

Contact us to find out how we can help you maximise your return on investment. 

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