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With over 15,000 social followers and a database just the same, we would love to thank our community and support network for everything they have done to help us achieve such success for our members. Check out some magazine, press and media clipping from those that have featured us!


Style Magazines
"Not just your average coworking space, Little Tokyo Two is a membership-based community that has become a second home to many incredible people filled with passion for growing their dream business. Aside from offering a modern and welcoming open-plan office, Little Tokyo Two can also play a significant role in supporting the growth of a business by offering collaborative workspaces, experienced advisors and a talent pool to hire from. Little Tokyo Two is proudly one of the fastest growing coworking spaces in Australia, as the business has quickly expanded to several sites across South East Queensland since 2014 and supported the launch of over 600 businesses."
The Urban Developer
Q&A: Jock Fairweather, Man Behind Co-Working Space Little Tokyo Two

"Membership based, completely flexible and totally urban – Little Tokyo Two encompasses workspace, breakout space, theatre, office, café and restaurant in one cohesive package.

The Brisbane based shoe designer came up with the idea after his mother returned from a business trip in London, spent in a shared workspace seminar room."

The Creative Issue
Brisbane's Newest Creative Hub 'Little Tokyo Two' Takes On Big Dreams

“When I came back to Australia to run my shoe business from Brisbane, I had a ton of friends who were in the same boat, like PR firms, supplement houses, photographers and fashion designers, who were constantly making trips to visit other industry professionals in order to do business.

So we basically came up with the idea that we can all be in the same space together and get everyone to come see us, and it developed into what it is now.” Explains Mr Fairweather.

Business News Australia

"Little Tokyo Two can feed startups that really want to give it a red hot go to Fishburners, then Fishburners can send startups that receive funding to Little Tokyo Two for what they need to complete the ecosystem."

Fairweather says the increased government support offers emerging businesses clout with investors and business leaders, rather than financial incentives."

Greater Springfield News
Little Tokyo Two and Greater Springfield collaborate as part of “Idea City”
"Australia’s most innovative co-working space has announced it will expand its presence to Greater Springfield in order to become part of the emerging city’s “IDEA City” precinct – a development which will represent innovation, entrepreneurship and inclusion."
Anthill magazine
How Little Tokyo Two is reworking coworking space in Brisbane

"LT2 offers Brisbane’s “big idea” people: creatives, start-ups and small business a collaborative, creative, supportive, unique workspace and the opportunity to meet top industry professionals, attend diverse industry events with like-minded people, a space to work, play, eat and hold all kinds of business.

Whether you work best out of an office, hybrid cubical or hot-desk, LT2 has a solution. And the results are already impressive."


“Little Tokyo Two shares our vision for the Gold Coast to be globally recognised as an entrepreneurial hotspot with the Hub acting as the epicentre of this activity,” Ms Hunneybell said.

“We are excited to be joining forces with the team at Little Tokyo Two and founder Jock Fairweather, leveraging their passion for helping emerging enterprises and track-record in creating environments to help them grow. This is a really exciting period as the Gold Coast Hub starts to take shape and we finalise our key partnerships.”

The Daily Telegraph
Gender Discrimination is Bad for business

"As founder of co-working space, Little Tokyo Two, I have seen first-hand the power of diversity.

From my experience, the more a person surrounds themselves with a greater cross section of society, the more likely they are to be successful. At Little Tokyo Two, we have a 40 per cent female occupancy and a zero per cent fail rate with more than 51 start-ups outgrowing the space or gaining investment within a two-year period."

The Sydney Morning Herald
Brisbane start-ups find a home in $5 million jobs 'incubator'
"The future of Brisbane is starting here. The businesses which provide large numbers of jobs and exports don't look like much at the start, but they scale up quickly."

Mr Hurps said Fishburners wanted to expose the start-ups it nurtured to capital.

"You have the unique benefit in Brisbane in having the kind of foot-traffic that you have here," he said.

"And to have all those people walking past, see the beautiful building and to be inspired about they can do to as well."

The Queensland Times
Little Tokyo Two a boost for Ipswich's Fire station 101

"IPSWICH will be home to a second digital and innovation hub when Little Tokyo Two opens at Springfield in August.

The Springfield site will be the third opened by LT2, a successful mentoring organisation started in Brisbane by entrepreneur Jock Fairweather, and will compliment 'Fire station 101'; a similar project supporting innovation, integral to the city's emerging "IDEA City" precinct.

The 550 sq m space set aside at Springfield can accommodate 150 members and Mr Fairweather says when that's full, LT2 will open another."

The Weekend Edition
Jock Fairweather, Founder, Little Tokyo Two
"From the mushrooming fleet of food trucks rolling through the streets to the many small businesses being hatched over beers and the start-ups igniting across the city, Brisbane harbours a wealth of creative, entrepreneurial talent. Now a new local venue is set to pool together the trailblazers to create a supportive community where these dreamers can bring their plans to life. Merging collaborative co-working space with provincial Chinese cafe, bar and restaurant, Little Tokyo Two will offer both launching platform and safety net. Founder Jock Fairweather has paid homage to the Japanese restaurant that stood before the new venue by retaining the building’s original features and yellow brick facade, but crafting a sleek space inside. The restaurant is set to open within the next few weeks, while the offices are due for completion by early November. The Weekend Edition dropped in to the Spring Hill incubator this week to probe Jock about his plans."
Indulge Magazine
Little Tokyo Two Shared Workspace [LIVE]
"Members of Generation Y will apparently work a dozen or more jobs during their careers. Brisbane’s Jock Fairweather is proving this theory, ticking off his fourth before turning 30. After trying his hand at steel working and personal training, Fairweather performed a U-turn to study footwear design at the London College of Fashion. His newest incarnation is even more fascinating: Founder and Captain of Little Tokyo Two."
Digital Brisbane
Five minutes with startup star Jock Fairweather
"Brisbane is fast developing a reputation for innovation and collaboration and nowhere is this more evident than in the startup arena.

The city is home to a number of fantastic co-working spaces, including Little Tokyo Two (LT2), run by the entrepreneurial shoe designer come startup support star Jock Fairweather."

Fashion Weekly
Brisbane's First | Little Tokyo Two with Jock Fairweather
"Picture an old, heritage building which is almost iconic in itself tucked away in a forgotten corner of Spring Hill, Brisbane. The 600sqm structure has been transformed into our cities first male and female members workspace and social club.

Little Tokyo Two (LT2) has been created with the idea of offering a place that becomes your (better) home away from home. LT2 revolves around this concept, "We provide the space, you make it work, we make sure you have the best time."

Smart Company
Why young and old are ditching the corporate ladder to become their own boss
"Lured by driverless cars, Uber and Airbnb, Baby Boomers and Gen Ys are leaving behind the stresses of corporate life to find fulfilment within the startup community. According to a recent report released by KPMG demographer Bernard Salt, its not just the younger generations making the move, digitally disruptive technologies have prompted even the most conservative of Baby Boomers to shift away from big corporations."
Style Magazines
"Working alone doesn’t mean you have to work alone. A lot of start-ups, entrepreneurs and small (or micro) established businesses can’t initially afford to have their own offices in Brisbane and can’t stay motivated when left at home with their comfortable bed, endless supply of snacks in the fridge, and their Netflix. However,that’s where a Brisbane coworking space or office can help! They allow creatives and business people alike to get ahead and focus on growing their idea or business."

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