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1. If we're the right fit for each other


It's really simple, find people you like, get to know them and do everything you can to help them reach their dreams - these are the words we live by. Being a part of the Little Tokyo Two family means: that you like doing you, you want to make a difference in the world, you only want to be around amazing people, you want to grow, and you want to enjoy your life’s work.

This is a partnership and we'll work together if you are:

  • Committed to your business growth
  • Committed to giving back to the community
  • Committed to having a business that is globally relevant (can you scale nationally or stand up to your biggest competitor if they moved in next door?)

2. Where your business currently sits in the market


We'll gain an in-depth understanding of your business so we can determine the steps you need to take to grow your business. 


3. The pain points and opportunities for your business


We'll walk through your business to fully understand the pain points and opportunities for your business and the steps we need to take to keep progressing. 


4. Which growth plan and advisors will be the best fit


Each plan is specifically designed to take your business to the next stage of its lifecycle. Together, we'll decide which advisors and growth plan will be most suitable to take your business to the next level.


No risk. No loss. All growth.


Remember, we practice what we preach and with our 'Growth-Back Guarantee', we make success an absolute certainty. 

Skin in the game is a big part of owning the startup journey, let's grow together!



How we help

Little Tokyo Two partners with businesses to build autonomy, mitigate risk and make an impact by co-creating growth strategies and leveraging our global network, bleeding edge frameworks, workshops and advisors.

LT2 Process Map v2 

Your first meeting with Little Tokyo Two will be a strategic planning session to agree on quantifiable and realistic goals. We will then provide you with specific steps to reach your targets. At any time during your fortnightly check-in's you feel like Little Tokyo Two isn't executing what was mutually agreed upon, we will stop charging you until we reach those goals again.

No risk. No loss. All growth.

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How We Deliver


Member Benefits at a Glance

Members network

Over 700 companies and counting!


capital raise
Investment opportunities

We invest in selected post-revenue businesses in variety of industries.

Expert advisors

Connect with specialists who can solve any problem.

Fortnightly accountability

We provide you with specific steps to take, the resources to reach your target and keep you accountable every fortnight.

best practice template
Best practice frameworks

Validated resources from over 2000+ businesses

Bleeding-edge workshops
Exclusive member workshops from qualified experts in the field.

Our members in focus

Kevin Straszburger - Co-founder of SkateKrak
James Grugeon - Founder of The Good Beer Co

What Our Members SAY

Check out what others are saying about Little Tokyo Two

jordan millar lt2

Jordan Millar

"Jumping out of the corporate landscape takes guts. How do I put food on the table? What do I tell people when we are out socialising? I wanted to start ChekRite so that I could have autonomy over my life and build something meaningful to impact the world. Little Tokyo Two supported me with consistent advice, contacts,
recruitment support - in-fact basically anything I needed or
asked for they sorted out instantly. Including helping us secure
our first successful capital raise through their connections.
We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support
and expertise that Little Tokyo Two provided us, we are forever
in their debt."

janelle kerrisk lt2

Janelle Kerrisk

"Little Tokyo Two helped me sort the fact from the fluff when it comes to scaling my business. There have been a number of times when I was about to make mistakes that advisors helped me avoid. Little Tokyo Two is consistent, they tell it how they see it. The team are generous in sharing insight and connections. With their help, Law Lancer is set to have an amazing year!

Tristan Swanwick

"I've been a member of Little Tokyo Two for a couple of years now and joining was one of the best business decisions I've ever made. I've made great friends here and have even hired fellow members to work in my business. There is very rarely any sort of expertise that I can't find among the greater Little Tokyo Two network. You don't even need to think about joining; just do it."

Frequently asked questions

All of our plans include face-to-face advisory time, access to the whole community, strategy and growth planning sessions, bleeding edge workshops, access to our empirically researched templates and business development support.

We have created a customised business incubator-style program that goes far beyond what any business coach can deliver due to our network effect. We differ from other incubators/accelerators because of our unique customised approach to goal and accountability and empirically researched and tested frameworks.

We simply reduced our charge for 'rented space' from the total price we currently charge. 

Our plans include everything a regular Little Tokyo Two membership does, except for desk space.

You can still come to our social events and bleeding edge workshops!

High-level coaches can cost up to $1000 per hour (at market rate for corporate/enterprise level coaching). We factor our face-to-face coaching time (direct coaching without the other value-added benefits) into our plans at $400 per hour. 
Because of the network of alumni and advisors we have built over many years, together with the unique templates we are constantly refining, we are able to draw on the input of many different field experts and support networks to deliver the same value without it just being one person's job. 

That is what makes the new growth plans so great. You don't have to be near one of our sites at all - you could be anywhere! We use technology to bridge the distance so that you receive the same level of service wherever you are located.

In saying that, it's best if you are within travelling distance to one of the sites because we host our bleeding-edge workshops and social events there.

Depending on the plan you selected, advisory sessions differ in length. 

Advisory sessions can be in person at one of our locations at your preferred time. If you are located off-site, we hold our advisory sessions over video streaming (Zoom, Skype for Business etc) so you can still receive the benefit of "face time".

We have CEO's of public and global corporations, global experts in niche fields and entrepreneur billionaires. Each growth plan will be allocated particular advisors that are perfect for where they are at and where they want to get to. 
Over the past 4 years, we have found that basically all businesses in the same revenue brackets (save a few niche industries) need the same type of help and suffer the same problems. By putting businesses into the revenue brackets, it allows us to provide customised volumes and types of support you need - it also gives both of us a global to reach at the end.
We offer an equity swap program for businesses that meet the entry criteria into our LT2 Ventures program. For more info on this, go to 
No. The industry fields and industries we operate in are very diverse. The 4 main categories are: product and goods, software and technology, service and platform!
We value diversity at Little Tokyo Two so prefer not to put any 'labels' on our members. We have a couple of members as young as 15 years old (yes, still in high school), and also have members who are over 70 years old! You're never too young or too old to start a new venture. 
We found the ideal frequency to support early-stage businesses is through fortnightly accountability sessions and advisor meetings/execution in the opposing weeks.

Goals and accountability is a technique we use to check-in on your progress and provide you with specific advice and steps to take to execute your targets.

Over the last 4-5 years, we developed templates based on best practices we see in different industries and fields. We review these against findings and research of respected experts globally and continue to test them within the community. You can see more as part of our LT2 Labs facility.

Empirical research is a way of gaining knowledge by means of direct and indirect observation or experience based on evidence.