LT2 is home to entrepreneurs, innovators, business people and creatives.

The original Little Tokyo Two

In mid 2014 Jock came across an old Japanese restaurant for sale. ‘Little Tokyo’ had been in the O’Brien family for 50 years and the resident owner, Michiko, was hesitant to let it go. Competing with a property developer who wanted to tear the place down and put in 45 units, Jock promised that not only would the building always be safe, but he would honour her family by keeping the name. Michiko was so thrilled by this she not only offered the keys to the place but donated two of her family’s traditional Kimonos (which can now be seen at The Capital.)

Little Tokyo Two has expanded to several sites and has supported over 600 businesses, making it one of the fastest growing coworking spaces in the Australia. Focussing solely on helping members and making their lives awesome, LT2 separates itself from the competition by providing a fantastic customer experience and employing people that all share the same core values. We question why work and life should be separated when we can make everyday a member comes in impactful, educative and most importantly, fun.


The people behind the vision

Little Tokyo Two started as a place where a group of friends could get together, do business and drink beers. Almost two years later, Little Tokyo Two is one of the largest and most dynamic communities of entrepreneurs, innovators and creators in South East Queensland.

This community represents the very ethos of Little Tokyo Two, which is based on collaboration, trust, openness and support. Without these core values, Little Tokyo Two would be just like every other work space that you have ever visited.

What makes us unique is that our community will do everything in its power to help you succeed. Whether you need to brainstorm ideas or are looking for assistance with your pitch deck, Little Tokyo Two will ensure that you have the right people, tools and resources at your fingertips.

We currently have five locations across South East Queensland: Spring Hill, Petrie Terrace, Springfield, Gold Coast and The Capital in Brisbane's CBD. Our goal is to continue to grow this support system so keep a look out for new spaces opening in Brisbane and other strategic locations across Queensland.

Across all these sites, we invest in our community of members, mentors and partners. A thriving event program provides plenty of chances to rub shoulders with like minded folks. Mentors will give you the right guidance and advice to take your business forward, while strategic partnerships will create untapped opportunities that you may never have thought possible.

Here's to you and your personal and business goals.


Meet our team

Jock Fairweather
El Capitano

I started Little Tokyo Two with ten friends. The entire idea was to turn up everyday and work alongside people you loved and spending time with and trusted. We would conquer each day doing everything we could to help each other succeed. The essence of LT2 remains exactly the same to this day.

Amy Chow
Operations Manager

I love helping people who are passionate about what they do. There is nothing more rewarding than supporting someone to grow both as a business and as an individual. The fact that every day I get to work with people who are innovative, creative, and driven is just an added bonus!

Josh Manion
Community Manager
Having an opportunity work within a collaborative community is fantastic! It doesn't feel like work when you're surrounded by motivated and passionate individuals striving to reach their dreams. Being apart an innovation hub like LT2 gives you a unique business perspective which can only be gained from experiencing a family style support network, which we've been developing since opening our doors in 2015. All ships rise with a high tide - If you want your business to grow, you have to place yourself in the right environment.
Chris Swann
General Manager

Why do I get up every day to work for LT2? I love working for LT2 as it encapsulates all I want from an organisation. They contribute to the community (both within our organisation and beyond); it's a company which is eager to improve and grow; it's a company which has strong values which are not compromised; the staff are young and hungry to develop - both themselves and the organisation; and it's a company with immense potential for growth simply through keeping focus on IMPACT.

Maria Maltesen
Community Manager

This morning, like any of my mornings when getting up to come to LT2, I come here for making a difference for people I meet during my day. I feel useless at the end of the day, if I haven't been able to help any of our members or people I meet during my day. Another important reason for coming to LT2 each day is to meet amazing people with great opportunities / futures ahead. Have a chat with them and listen to their interesting stories, which make me even more curious when waking up in the morning to find out what is going to happen next in their stories.

Jason Le
Marketing Manager

Growing up, I’ve always had a passion for Entrepreneurship. There’s something about creating something from nothing that provides both meaning and value to others that drives me in life. I love working for LT2 because it allows me to work with some of the most innovative and brightest individuals in the startup world.

Anthony Kuhlmann
Head of Sales and Partnerships
I wake up every day with a deep desire to help businesses thrive in an ever complex world. For me, LT2 is about making people’s dreams a reality. I know how hard it is to confidently announce a new idea, let alone invest your heart and soul into it. If I can make that transition easier for just one person a day, I think the world will be a better place.  Everything starts with an idea and some of those ideas change the world. I love that I get to be part of that.
Nicole Buhl
What would you say if I told you, you could go to work every day with like-minded people, who actually encouraged you to succeed, who helped you chase your dreams and assisted you with the knowledge and support to actually make this happen? After experiencing unsupportive environments, I'm so grateful to be given the opportunity to be able to take part in the community at Little Tokyo Two, helping people develop their dream businesses every day.

Where to from here

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